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French Nails without paying the salon price?

Have any of you girls used those fake glue on french nails ... You usually find them at your local CVS or Wallgreens? Are they good? I'm asking b/c I use to be one of those women to spend $30 on gel fill ins every two weeks at the nail salon. It became to be too much of a bad habit for me and it just wasn't worth it anymore. So, any recommendations on store bougth brand would be great, thanks :)French Nails without paying the salon price?
Now I'm using Kiss brand Everlasting French nails. (they can last up to 7 days). Theyre pretty good. I mean, of course acrylics are better quality, but the price is just so expensive. I think they actually look more natural than acrylics though because acrylics are so thick -- these are thinner.

I'd recommend Kiss nails. Get the ones labeled ';real short'; -- they are actually medium length. The ';long'; ones are just too long and come off more easily. Careful with the glue not to get it on your skin when you apply the nails. Theyre good -- mine have lasted up to 4 days before one falls off, but the good thing is that you can just reapply with the glue, so if you make repairs, they can last a while.French Nails without paying the salon price?
Hi There!

I now just skip the fakes and use the French Manicure product 203 - Natural Nails French Manicure. The web site has a 10% discount and free shipping on some items right now (cool huh!) The Elasticoat they sell works really good to protect and strengthen nails (looks like a shiny clear coat when on).

This is the web site information on it;Natural Nails French Manicure (1/2 fl. oz.) is an ultraviolet polish that is designed to use ambient light on the nails to highlight their natural color for a French Nail look. This hypoallergenic product contains no formaldehyde or toluene (also known as methylbenzene or phenylmethane).

It's amazing to watch your nails acquire that French Nail look. Begin by brushing on the French Manicure, just as you would apply fingernail polish. After the first coat dries, add a second coat for a deep clear look. An optional鈥攁nd recommended鈥攕tep is to add a layer of Elasticoat over the French Manicure. It protects the French Manicure finish and helps to give an even deeper look to your natural French Nails.

No more glue or falling off nails which is a bonus. This stuff you just brush on and you are done! The French Nails are naturally done without the separate steps and it dries quick (good for me since I tend to be impatient).

Hope it helps..:)
i used to use them all the time - the little $5 kits. they are nice for a special occasion if u dont wanna pay full price. but they dont stay on long. the longest mine lasted was i think a week. u pay more for salon but those stay on for a month with out a fill usually - for me atleast. its deff worth going the cheaper route if ur just looking for a nice nails for an event but its get to be a pain to do them every week if u want to keep them. ur better off goin to a salon for them if u want to continually wear is worth the money.

as far as brand i cant remember what i used to use. they were all about the same.
instead go but .. NAIL ENVY its at salons about 20.00 a bottle works awesome will make ur nails very hard and grow very fast . at walmart they have a white tip pen made for french nails .. it looks like a marker but its for ur nails . gel nails are alot . why didnt u get acrylic nails ? they are 20 to get on and 15 a fill . sometimes u can make them last 3 weeks if you have someone that does a good job
i have used the Kiss brand short french nails. I LOVE them! They don't chip or pull up as badly as salon nails and they were only 6 bucks! I have found that some are a little too pink and they look cheap, so be sure to get a color that coordinates with your skintone :)
ok well im 15, and i always get mine from places like that at stores-- ive never went to a professional. and EVERYONE sits there staring at them saying they look nice and they actually think they are real. and even the few people who know they are fake still think they are cute.
girl you can go to wal mart and get fake french nails for about less than 10 bucks...dollar general has some as well. they work. i would try dollar general or wal mart...they have the best at the best prices.
I don't wear acrylics but I get the nail kits by nailene for french manicures. It has a felt pen for the white tips. So easy %26amp; convenient.
Yeah, they are but they oftenly suck..

Just get acrylics

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