Friday, January 15, 2010

What are the prices for fake nails?

okay so i live in Nj, i want to get some gell nails, the fake ones. But i don't want the arcylics. My first question is, how much do they run for a FULL set? How much do they run for tips (the nails)? And by the way i want a french maicure. how often do i have to change and get new tips? like every week, 2 weeks? what? how many weeks until i have to get a FUL new FUL set? how much does it cost normally for a french FUll set and TIPS? and how much for just 1 color? THANKS !!!bWhat are the prices for fake nails?
usually it's like 40 bucks for a full

and 20 for a fill every few weeks.What are the prices for fake nails?
I'm not sure what the prices run in New Jersey....but typically a new set is around $40. You should get fills every 2 or 3 weeks. I use to own a small nail salon here In Texas before I sold it to move to San Francisco...and charged $40.00 for a set and $22.00 for fills. If you don't want acrylic you can ask for Gel. I only had 2 acrylic clients and the rest were Gel clients....only because I didn't like acrylic and i thought it was very damaging to the natural nail bed. I feel the need to give you just a bit of advice before you go getting your nails done. Please Please Please what ever you do...make sure that you go to a clean salon. I have taken many continuing education classes and they all discuss the importance of sanitation and disinfection. Many nail techs don't disinfect their drill bits. If you get acrylic they will use a drill to file down the hard acrylic and every once in a while....that dirty drill bit will nick your skin close to the cuticle. When they nick it it usually bleeds and hurts so they will reach for this dirty bottle of something to make the blood stop....only they touch the tip of that applicator to your skin where there is already dried blood from the previous client that they nicked! What I'm trying to say is that you must care enough and have enough balls to ask about their disinfection process. You can get sooo many diseases from just 1 little bloody nick on your skin. Can you imagine how many people they have nicked or cut with that same drill bit? If they don't use a hospital grade disinfectant to soak their implements in then it's not worth it. There are many clean places out there....but for every clean salon there are 50 filthy ones just trying to make a buck and not giving a genuine crap about their clients health. The same goes for pedicures.....all the bacteria accumulates in the drains and the jet holes. All the hot water they put in the bath is a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. I would always tell my clients not to shave their legs before getting a pedicure. If you have open sores or anything on your legs or're leaving yourself open to dangers infection that could cause a life time of problems or even amputation. I'm not doing this to scare you, but just to make you aware of what is going on out there. The hospital grade disinfectant that is mandatory by the State Board is typically blue....and alot of salons are using Windex to avoid paying the extra dollar or so they don't have to buy the real stuff. Some of the diseases you can get from dirty implements and tables are tuburculosis, HIV, hipatitis etc.... there are many more but those are just to name a few. Please be aware of your surroundings and if it seems dirty then it probably is. Love yourself enough to care.


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