Friday, January 15, 2010

Whats the average price to get your nails done?

In the United States, whats the average price for:

1. a full set

2. a fill

3. designs (airbrushing, french mani, etc.)Whats the average price to get your nails done?
it really depends on where you go but a full set usually ranges from $25-$35, a fill usually ranges from $15-$20 and designs are usually from $5-$10. hope this helps!!Whats the average price to get your nails done?
your welcome...glad i was able to help!!

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it depends on if u go to a high end shop or just a corner shop id say from 25-100
The lowest for a full set would be $25 french. Most places would be in the low $30-35 range though.
A fill for 20 full set for 30 Gilbert AZ
around $35
girl i would spend 100 just to get my nails done but if you cant 20 would be good
full set is 25 a fill is like 10 and a design is either free or like very little amount
about $25 to get on then when they grow out about $12 to get filled and im not sure about design casue i get french Hope this helps!!!

Luv Much
full set $25-$35, fill in $20-$25, sometimes it a flat fee like $20 and sometimes they charge by the nail. I live in WV, and MD.
1.About 25-30

2.About 15

3.French is usually about 5 more and airbrushing is usually free at alot of places! (Texas)
depends where you go. i usually spend 25 on a full set... 16 on a fill.. and i think designs are umm... 3-8? depends on the design complexity.
depends where you go, type of set you get and the design you get.

mine cost thirty for fill and like thirty eight for a full set.

designs where i go cost eight dollars
For what you want, and u mean a good pair, about $80.00, You should look up the Urban Salon, that's were I got my hair done at, they had a really talented nail lady there!

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