Friday, January 15, 2010

Is $20 a good price to get your nails filled?

I have tips.Is $20 a good price to get your nails filled?
If you are going to a good salon which uses top quality products, then expect to pay $25 minimum, and $25-35 is about the average unless you are going to a 'discount salon'. These places are bad news, and I won't bother going into all the details, except to advise you to stay out of them. And for gel nails you'll pay about an additional $10-15 because the gel products cost more than acrylics. That is, as long as you are getting real gel nails. Liquid and powder is never used in the application of gel nails. Only gel is. If your tech has used any L%26amp;P at all on your nails, then you have acrylic nails, and not gel nails - no matter what they call them.

Those prices are for a simple 'fill.' A 'backfill' (rebalance of the nail) will cost you more than a fill because it takes longer, and more steps are involved in the process.

A regular fill should be done once every 2-3 weeks, and a Pink %26amp; White (Permanent French) backfill should be done every 4-5 weeks.Is $20 a good price to get your nails filled?
The place I go, it's only 10.
If it's just a filling, your getting ripped off. Look else where..

Acrylic tips ALONE (first time application) should run you 20 bucks, not the filling.

Also depends on where you live. I'm in NYC and if you go to Manhattan they rip you off. If you go to brooklyn, it's normally priced.

Hope that helps.
When I got my nails done I'd pay $30 for a full set and like $22 for a fill
Around 15
yess it is!
Yes, reasonable.
if it gel then yeah. if it is just acrylic than NO! a fill for acrylic should only be like 10 bucks.

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