Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Black nail polish good quality and price?

So i've been looking for black nail polish.. but everyone i've bought is either too much liquid, too thick, or just not good... If someone could recommend a brand or store or anything where i could get some good quality black nail polish and for a good price as well?Black nail polish good quality and price?
Avon has some its called warm black and it works great its on sell right now for $1.99 for more info e-mail me (like if u need help on where to buy)Black nail polish good quality and price?
You can get it for 2.99 at walmart its not to thin (so you don't have to apply like 4 coats to make it look absolutely black) or to thick! You should try it in the wet and wild brand.


2 coats and let dry ^^

you can get it from CVS for about 7 or 8 bucks
I agree, Chanel and OPI have the best nail polish.
I got mine at sally's and it works well.
The best is Chanel for $20.

Or try Opi for about $8-10

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