Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How do I nail down pricing a job?

I am a contractor / Handyman . I mastered the work However I am Having a real Problem getting My Pricing in line. This Business is unlike service Businesses That have price lists. Every job is unique. Last week i gave a price to lay a floor of 700.00 and the cust said OK but My price was a bit high. Well I could not Do his floor due to I was too Busy. I was on the job site when the new Floor Guy cane to do it and He charged Him 1875.00 for what I was doing it for 700.00!!!! . When I go out to give a price The customers always say ( I am getting Many prices) I thank they just do this to Make me give a very low Price....How do I nail down pricing a job?
u cant give ur labor away......figure how long it will take u to do the job and/or know what the going price is for a certain job and at the best take off 5% if u really need the work.....if ur busy just bid the job at the going rate.......

heres a tip i learned early in my life...if u get every job u bid on ur bidding 2 low......

lic. gen. contractorHow do I nail down pricing a job?
I don't have much experience with this, but I would think that if you take into consideration the cost of materials and your per hour labor charge, then whatever price you come up with would be fair. Maybe those other people charge more labor than you. The customer obviously was willing to pay more than you were asking, so maybe you should increase your labor charge. Although if you are getting a lot of jobs, maybe it's because you don't charge as much as other contractors and should keep your pricing where it is.

Hope this helps! :)
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