Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm a new nail tech and I need help figuring out prices for my nail services...?

I don't want to cut myself short on profits but I don't want to ';over charge'; clients since I am a new nail tech and still a little rough around the edges. I thought about matching my prices to those of the nail salons in Wal-Mart until I get more experience.I'm a new nail tech and I need help figuring out prices for my nail services...?
i created my prices the same way....check out the chop shops in your area (asians) as well as the high end salons and get your prices right in the're right you dont want to cut yourself short but you also dont want to knock your clients over the head get somewhere in the middle...normally the asians charge 12-15 for a f/s and the higher ends charge 25-45 so your price could be between 20-22...but also keep in mind if you're buying your own products...if you're going to be a booth renter then there shouldnt be a problem but if you're doing commission or hourly then its up to the shop you're in to set the prices....if you would like check out my profile here and come on join my yahoo group....put in the reason you want to join that i answered your question on answersI'm a new nail tech and I need help figuring out prices for my nail services...?
ny nail lady charge $20 for a full set and $15 for a fill i think those r good prices
manis - 10$

pedis- 30$

waxes :


half legs - 15

whole legs-30

half arm- 10

whole arm- 20

bikini- 25


... ect.
I think that's a good idea. What about offering them a punch card of some kind, with a freebie, like for instance after 5 full sets and /or 10 fills they get one full set free, or maybe a free airbrush or jewels if they bring in another person, or something along that line. Just to get a regular clientele built up. And giving nice hand massage %26amp; a compliment will make them feel all warm and fuzzy towards you, more likely to come back than a ';fast food'; type nail job where they are treated like cattle, get 'em in %26amp; out and never look 'em in the eye. Good luck and enjoy your career.
seems you have the answer. find what people are charging as wal-mart, the little shops in outlet malls, even at hair salons. you can be from 50 cents to 2 dollars cheaper. you have to make that call. make sure you cost of materials is getting paid. make sure you make enough for your time and labor. you want repeat customers do not rush to get them out fast. do quality work not quantity. you want a good reputation. i do it for my painting company and it has worked keeping me living for the past 4 years. at first it was hard to adjust. we have ups and downs. do it right you will last. you can fly with it or end up crashing. provide a happy calm environment. make them want to come back and be anxious to return. you want them to walk out and be amazed with how great you were. keep clean equipment and work station. see if i were in to what you do. i would find a way to buy nail polish products in a small bulk order. make small gift for the customer with like nail polish, foot file, sample product such as lotion or foot wash. something like that. and just stand the 3 items up and wrap with fabric and tie with fabric string. i would not give to the customers getting a basic this would go to the ones that pay for the works and pay good money. you want them to come back. make sure you get stuff in light neutral tones. it does not have to be just nail polish it can be small bottles of wash, cream, and foot file. something like that. well i can go on with more ideas but i am sure you can figure out what will help keep the customers coming for your service and paying good and returning all the time. good luck
You should go around and look at prices of competing nail salons in your area of business.

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