Saturday, January 2, 2010

What are the Wal-mart nail salon prices ?

Please if you know all of them tell me especially getting fake nails!What are the Wal-mart nail salon prices ?
They range in mani-pedis from 15-25.00. Getting acrylics are 20-30. depending on which Wal Mart Salon you go to, and if they are having a special, you can knock 5 bucks off of that price; due to the recession, lots of them are. Pedicures are a steal at 25.00 right now! Not to mention these Regal Salons (the chain name) do a fabulous job! Better if you ask me than any high-end spa for the price!What are the Wal-mart nail salon prices ?
Depends on what you get, whether it's color or just regular. But can range from $20 and up.

And just to say about the first answerer: Just becauseshe had a bad experiance, Doesn't mean it's the same for ALL wal-mart. It depends on the Tech. Some seriously suck, and some are pretty good at what they do.
Wal mart nails are crap.

EVERY time i get my acrylics there, they mess up and make them too thick/thin.

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