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What is the difference between - gel nails, acrylic nails, silk wraps, extreme nails - besides price?

Want to get some fake nails - don't know which service to choose? pretty hard on nails ... which one is the best? last longer? what are the differences? help! thanks! :)What is the difference between - gel nails, acrylic nails, silk wraps, extreme nails - besides price?
The difference between Acrylic and Gels nails.

Acrylic nails are called many different names, with the nail technician's least favorite being ';fake nails';. We much prefer the term artificial nails. There are several different types of artificial nail enhancement products as well as application procedures. The most commonly applied enhancement is traditional acrylic, which is a two-part system of liquid (monomer) and powder (polymer). This type of product can be applied with one color of acrylic, pink and white acrylic for a Permanent French look, or can be applied with colored acrylic, glitter acrylic or in any combination. Pink and white acrylic nails are often referred to as ';Solar Nails';. Solar Nail is a product made by Creative Nail Design Systems and includes their Original Solar Nail, Radical Solar Nail, Retention + , and Moxie acrylic systems. Unless you actually see this product in its original bottle on the nail table, your nails may not be 'Solar Nails';.

Gel Nails is a one-part system consisting of the application of a thick viscosity gel acrylic. Gel is normally 'cured' under a UV light. Do not confuse gel with traditional acrylic. Even though the two products are actually acrylic, they apply and wear differently. Gel applied over acrylic to seal the surface does not make your nails ';Gel Nails';. Gel nails are actually acrylic nails; they are made from the same class of acrylates, but with different molecular structures, appearance, application procedures and different curing methods. Be certain you are receiving the artificial nails you requested.

Fiberglass is a product very widely used. Since it's very light, resistant, waterproof and slightly flexible it can be found on boats, bycicles, cars AND nails.

It's applied in the folowing maner:

A silky net is glued to the surface

The net is filled with resin makiing it transparent

Activator is spayed on to the resin making it dry

It's quite simple and very strong, it can be removed by soaking in acetone just like acrylics.

Silk is same as fiberglass just different weave ......

Never heard of extreme nailsWhat is the difference between - gel nails, acrylic nails, silk wraps, extreme nails - besides price?
i would get GEL.

they last long, well for me they doo anyway


best of wishes to ya!
gel nails are just a gel that they put on over the acrylic when the nail is finished. It seals the nail and makes it stronger and also makes it so that your nails won't be damaged by nail polish remover. You have to buff the gel off. It's a really good option for someone who works with their hands a lot.

Acrylic is just a layer of acrylic put over a nail tip that is added to your natural nail for length.

Silk and Fiberglass wraps are just a piece of either silk or fiberglass fabric that is cut to the shape of your natural nail and put on with a bit of clear polish. This is only used to strengthen your natural nail, it does not add length.
silk wraps nail are the best because by wrapping the nail it protects it from easily breaking the other nails break and peal quickly
gel nails are less damaging and usually stay adhered a little better
all depends on your lifestyle and if yout want tips and how long you want them for, etc... heres the basics:

gels- my favorite, good for almost anyone, very hard, most natural looking, you can soak them in water, or actetone, or anything and they wont come off!!.. to remove them, you file them off... the only downside-its expensive! but its becuase the gel is expensive

acrylic-affordable, hard to break them, but they break down in water and actetone, and if not done right, will yellow... but they are cheap

silk wraps- i personally dont care for them.. people like then becuase they dont damage your nail, and are very light on the fingers.. they are hard to up keep, but since everyone is going green, they are becoming more popular.

i have never heard of extreme nails... im assuming is just another type of gel nail, but ill have to look into it...ill find out tonight lol... hope that helps! and yes, i recomoend gels if your hard on them, as long as you can afford them, if not, go with acrylics!
What exaclty is a gel nail? i've never heard of that. im curious to know.
gel nails are pretty much just a regular acrylic but at the end they put on this gel and put it under i light. i am not sure what it does but that what i get and my nails stay on forever! they tend to be 25-30$

acrylic nails are just basic acrylic put over your nails to make them hard. you can get that for 20$

silk wraps are the best quality and they look very natural. on most nails you know how your nails look thick from the acrylic? well the sick wrap you can even tell there is anythin on them it looks like your real nails.

but i am not sure what extreme nails are. sorry :(.

maybe they are like the really really really long nails some people have.
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