Friday, January 15, 2010

Where is a good, cheap place to get your nails done near La Verne, CA 91750? (need prices!) :)?

DC Nails. I've lived in San Dimas/La Verne for 24 years and that's the cheapest place I have found that does a good job. Price depends on what you get, dear... Design, manicure, full set, air brush, etc. They are all different. Also, length matters too. But that's the best deal you'll get. It's in San Dimas on Arrow Hwy in Target shopping center. Arrow Hwy and the 57 freeway. Look it up on or whatever. Also, you may want to request Danny. He does the best job and he's super nice. There's one girl with real frizzy hair; she will tear your skin off. Everyone else is ok though.

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